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News: 50 Cent Launches Street King

by on September 21, 2011

SoJones remembers first spotting Curtis Jackson in an issue of the Source back in the early 2000′s. From then on, 50 Cent has become a mogul in the business world, with some of his best endorsements including the Smart Water campaign which made him millions. Now 50 cent wants to save the world, and he has a great product to help you help him do it. Who’s ready to get some energy with Street King? Street King is an energy shot drink available at For a limited time you can buy 6 and get 6 free shots; how’s that for a great deal? 12 packs of the street king energy shots are only $ 19.99 with free shipping included. 50 cent is also repping his track record on the site hard, in case you didn’t know his power in the Hip Hop world already-

  • 25 Million album sales worldwide
  • 3 consecutive #1 Billboard singles,
  • 11 top 10 singles
  • 22 film and TV soundtrack inclusions
  • Winner, MTV, BET, American Music Awards
  • 12 Grammy nominations and 19 Billboard Music Awards
  • 2-time ASCAP Songwriter of the Year
  • Film credits include Get Rich or Die Tryin’, Righteous Kill, and Home of the Brave
  • 16 Million facebook likes worldwide

What’s not to like about 50 cent as he tries to save all the starving children in Africa with this product? For the longest time, hunger in impoverished countries is something that 50 cent didn’t like to see or hear about on the news. Now with Street King, he hopes to get rid of hunger for millions of hungry children forever. Surely SoJones knows this isn’t an easy feat, but 50 cent came from a bad position himself, so he knows the hard work it takes to remain at the top and continue getting money. Check out the promo ‘shot’  50 Cent did for the energy shots.

Now doesn’t that make you want to visit his site and buy some of that great energy product? Of course it does. Only ‘wanksters’ like seeing children starve and not do anything about it, so lets hear your thoughts on 50 cent in the comments! Have any of you tried it yet? SoJones wants a sample sent to our office immediately!

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